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Altaussee im Sommer


Skiing or snowboarding in the Loser Ski Area, or exploring the exceptional landscape on foot or by bike – Altaussee offers something for everyone!

Altaussee is a place of history and long fulfilled dreams.

The salt mine has been operating for hundreds of years. Anglers catch Saiblinge (Char) from the crystal-clear lake just like their ancestors did. And the guests of today love Altaussee just as much as the first tourists who came to the village well over a hundred years ago.

Altaussee has always attracted and inspired creative people like painters, writers and musicians. They kept returning and some have simply stayed. You are well advised to follow their example.

The landscape welcomes its guests with limestone summits, mountain forests, flowering meadows, and in winter with a white snow-covered surface. The bright, blue lake offers a constantly changing vista: in summer it invites you to swim; and in winter it steams until it freezes, becoming an ice-covered blanket at your feet.

Informationsbüro Altaussee

Fischerndorf 61, 8992 Altaussee
Phone: +43 3622 71643


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© Gelebte Tradition im Ausseerland (c) TVB Ausseerland - Salzkammergut | Hermann Rastl
Gelebte Tradition im Ausseerland (c) TVB Ausseerland - Salzkammergut | Hermann Rastl