Welcome to Pichl-Kainisch

The districts Pichl and Kainisch form the western part of the wider community of Bad Mitterndorf.

The Ödensee is to be found here, one of the most beautiful natural gems in Bad Mitterndorf. The idyllic moorland lake, with its surrounding moors, is the centre of a Natura 2000 nature reserve. It offers an unspoilt natural swimming experience in comfortable water temperatures. Close to the lake are rare flowers and plants, these can be admired from the extensive network of hiking trails.
Not far from the Ödensee you can hike to another natural spectacle, the so-called "Strummern". For many months of the year these karst springs are barely visible. But, especially during snowmelt from the Dachstein Massif, they can bring forth huge amounts of clear water from the forest floor.

Their pure water is used by the well-known Kainischer Fish Farm, where among other things famous chars are bred.