Traditional Music

"The Dialect of the Soul"

Dialect cannot be learned from a book, traditional music neither. They can only be learned where they have come from and are practiced by the people.

There is no absolutely “right” or authentic traditional music, but there is a great diversity of local variations.  
The traditional music of Aussee is part of the Alpine traditional music culture. Like in the entire Salzkammergut, the yodeller, the “Landler” and the “Steirer” have been preserved in their original way - here in a special Styrian way though. Traditional music is mostly handed down as dance music and its most important form is violin music.

With the traditions of the “Schützen” groups, piper and drum music have been handed down. Ausseer traditional music has been recognized by notable persons from politics and economy ever since Biedermeier times and this contributed not only to its being well researched but also to its continuing popularity among the population.

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