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Our Region Ausseerland - geographical and culinary Center of Austria

The beauty of our region and the traditional models as well as values of the local minds are reflected also in the cuisine. The dialectal expressions "haftig" (wild, impressive) fits the area and the locals. The word "g'schmackig" (tasty, delicious) describes all those dishes, which turn visitors of our region Ausseerland since centuries into friends.


Especially the regional fish represents the chief protagonist in the cuisine of the Ausseerland. The char and the trout combine the central elements of tradition and modern art of cooking like no other dish. Due to their fine taste the char and the trout are often fried, cured, stained or are served in meantime even raw. There are no limits to your creativity as it is presented impressingly by our gastronomy. The Fischerei Ausseerland provides local restaurants with fresh chars and trouts throught the whole year.

Both kind of fishes demand high expectations to their enviroment and therefore appear only few times together. Our region Ausseerland with its natural surrounding are makes them robust and vital - no wonder since the lakes ensure drinking water quality!

Chars and trouts form part of the region since a long time and are considered to be typical "Ausseer", either directly from the lake or raised as their progeny, slowly, in water cold as ice, without hurry or rush - For this of course in unique quality.



Char & Trout "haftig - g'schmackig"


The importance and value out of the fishing perspective is proven already since the 13th century, as a this very popular fish has been delivered from Grundlsee to the emperors court in Vienna. The char subsits on plankton and insect larvaes, grows slowly and demands cold water of highest quality.




The trout is widely known as the "Queen of the Alpine Lakes" and subsits while facing the period  of the juvenile fish on insects and plancton, though with increasing age turns into a predator and to the biggest enemy of the char. Royal is also the size of this fish. In 1971 fishermen fished a trout of 26,4 kilos in Grundlsee.



© Saibling & Forelle (c) Fischerei Ausseerland | Karl Steinegger
Saibling & Forelle (c) Fischerei Ausseerland | Karl Steinegger
© Grundlsee, Laichfischen, Lechfischen (c) Fischerei Ausseerland | Martin Huber
Grundlsee, Laichfischen, Lechfischen (c) Fischerei Ausseerland | Martin Huber

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