Altaussee, Steiermark, Österreich
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Breathing experience - at the Gradieranlage Altaussee.

The round graduation plant:

In 1956, an open-air graduation plant was built near the Seeklause, into which brine is brought for use directly through a pipe from the Altaussee salt mountain. This brine drips over the fir brushwood of the graduation plant and essential oils are released by the atomization of the dripping brine, which provides immediate relief for bronchial and asthma sufferers. The structure itself consists of a wooden framework, which is stocked with fir brushwood once a year. The filling of the graduation plant is pure manual work. The annual cleaning of the plant, the chopping of the fir brushwood in the forest, as well as the stocking require a work effort of about two weeks! These activities are carried out mainly by voluntary work from the population!

The square graduation plant:

This structure consists of stainless steel elements, over which the brine trickles. Wind and sun contribute to the evaporation of the water present in the brine. The trickling brine enriches the air in the graduation plant with salt, and the water droplets bind particles in the air.


A stay in the graduation plant has a positive effect similar to that of sea air, for example, on pollen allergy sufferers and asthmatics and others. The airways are moistened and the walls of the respiratory organs are positively influenced. The fine salt crystals have a secretion-dissolving effect, intensively cleanse the respiratory tract of bacteria and decongest the mucous membranes. Regular use has a very beneficial effect. This can not only bring relief and health benefits, but can also have a preventive effect.

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Gradier- und Kneippanlage
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