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Bad Mitterndorf, Steiermark, Österreich
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Regional, pure and of high quality - our fishes and fish products are local quality goods and guarantee an origin, which is reflected in every single bite. Here in the Ausseerland - Salzkammergut the fishes grow in crystal-clear water and in an unique enivironment. 

Regional, natural, high quality - our fish are quality products of local origin and guarantee an origin that you can taste with every bite. The fish grow in the crystal-clear water and the unique habitat of the Salzkammergut in the immediate vicinity of the spring. They are caught by the fishermen of the Bundesforste either as WILDFANG directly from the wild, or as WILDKULTUR fish taken from one of our near-natural basins or ponds. In both cases, thanks to their natural and intensive movement, the muscle meat of our fish is firm and well structured and particularly rich in saturated omega-3 fatty acids. Thus, as an all-round local taste experience, a fish comes onto the plate that is best enjoyed pure and unadulterated.

The history of fishing is as old as mankind itself and has always been an important source of livelihood. The first documented mention of commercial fishing in the Salzkammergut dates back to 1280, but for a long time fish was considered a gentleman's dish and was denied to the common people. Today, you don't have to belong to the nobility to dine imperially. The Austrian Federal Forests are responsible for the Salzkammergut lakes and the nature surrounding them. During the season, they engage in fishing at Hallstätter See, Grundlsee or Toplitzsee, as has been the tradition in the region for hundreds of years. In the process, the fish are taken from their natural habitat with the help of nets and fish traps in order to offer them as WILD FISH or as parents for our WILD CULTURE.

Already as crown prince Franz Josef loved the Salzkammergut and this affection should not change during his long life. Many artists, composers and literary figures found never-ending sources of inspiration here, which resulted in important works. The greatest treasure of the Salzkammergut is still preserved today: the natural beauty of this culturally, historically and scenically unique region. Magnificent mountains and crystal clear lakes, whose waters can be traced back to the alpine springs, provide a unique habitat for man, fauna and flora. In harmony with nature, our fish, from catching to breeding to processing and selling, are products of this special region.

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Fishery Ausseerland - Fischdepot Kainisch
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Fischerei Ausseerland - Fischdepot Kainisch
Kainisch 103
8984 Bad Mitterndorf

Phone +43 3624 289

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