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Der westlichste Teil der Großgemeinde Bad Mitterndorf


Our holiday area, with the romantic Lake Ödensee and the high moors (protected by the Natura 2000 conservation order), abounds in natural beauty.

Swimming, splashing, fishing or relaxing: Lake Ödensee offers an incomparable experience of nature …

The Ödensee, with a surface area of 20 hectares, is one of the smaller lakes in the Salzkammergut. It is however, a popular spot for swimming in summer.

The Ödensee is a natural lake in the Salzkammergut. It’s located at 776m in the municipality of Pichl-Kainisch, Styria, and has a maximum depth of about 19 m. It is a "Waldmoorsee" (forest moorland lake).
A children's playground and a swimming beach invite you to an unforgettable lake day. The Kohlröserlhütte, adjacent to the lake, is the place to feed your hunger.
At Ödensee and other local attractions (Fischzucht Kainisch, Altarm Riedlbach, Ödensee Hochmoor, Torfstich Kainischmoos) you can see karst springs, geology, flowers, and transitional bogs. By looking at the forest and water visitors can learn about all the beauty and the treasures of the nature around the Ödensee.