Flyfishing on the rivers Traun

Bad Aussee, Steiermark, Österreich
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Welcome to the banks of the Traun.

You are fishing in pristine waters that once were called “the jewel of Central Europe” by fly-fishing legend Charles Ritz. These waters are managed as close as possible to their natural conditions. In this regard, we ask you to handle the local flora and fauna with care.

We wish you a successful and enjoyable time in the unique environment of the Traun.
Tight lines!

Altausseertraun: 4,56 km
Grundlseertraun: 5,07 km
Koppentraun: 6,3 km
Ödensee-, Kainischtraun: 5,5 km

Fishing Regulations:
Only fly fishing with the use of fly-fishing tackle (for example:  a dry fly, wet fly, nymph or a streamer fly) with a preserve-hook is permitted.  The use of additional lead shots or balls is prohibited.

There is a close season for the following species:
grayling (February 15 - June 15)
brook trout (September 16 - March 15)
rainbow trout (January 1 - March 15)

Only a limited number of day passes are available.  Fishing is only allowed during daylight hours and the execution of commercial seminars in fly-fishing is strictly prohibited.  Only one rainbow trout (with a minimum size of 32 cm) may be kept per day.  The rainbow trout which is kept is to be promptly killed.  You must log its capture into this license.   We ask you to be considerate when handling the fish and to remove the hook under water.  Please remember that wading can be dangerous!  Always wear a wading belt and suitable footwear and make use of a wading stick.  The licenser assumes no liability or responsibility for accidents, injuries or any consequential damages which may be incurred.  Any instructions given by the fishing supervisor is to be followed precisely.  This license is non-transferable. With the purchase of this license you agree to and are legally bound to the more detailed license conditions, which are on display at your local fishing supervisor's office.


Angling in the River Traun is only allowed with a valid fishing licence. Legal prerequisite for one of these licences is the possession of a "Fischergastkarte" (fishing guest card) or the possession of a "Fischerkarte für das Land Steiermark" (fishing licence for the province of Styria).
The managers, the association "IG Traun-Ursprung", are free to reject an application for a fishing licence without giving a reason.
Licences issued may not be returned and are not transferable. A parent with a day licence can have a child (aged 8 to 14) fish with them at their own risk. There is a separate licence for young people aged 15 to 18.
The provisions of the "Steiermärkischen Fischereigesetzes" (the Styrian Fisheries Act) are to be observed. The instructions of authorised enforcement officers are to be followed. Any violations of these provisions will result in the immediate withdrawal of fishing licence without reimbursement.
The licencee is solely responsible for their own actions, and for any damage caused, or accidents of any kind (including those affecting accompanying people or children). The association "IG Traun-Ursprung" shall only be liable for damage caused by wilful or gross negligence by its officers. The licencee agrees to indemnify the association "IG Traun-Ursprung" against all third-party claims relating to this Licence Agreement.
By acquiring a licence, the licencee expressly agrees to the fishing regulations and undertakes to comply with them in full. Unclaimed licences expire at the end of each year and are not transferable to the next year. Unused licences will not be refunded.

Note for spin fishing on the Kainischtraun:

Blinker or dead bait fish may be used only with a simple single hook:  barbs must be filed or bent back. Doubles or triples must have the other hooks removed.
Catch Limit: 3 fish per day
Length: brook and rainbow trout over 30 cm.
Please treat undersized fish with care and remove hooks underwater.

Fishing season 01 April to 30 October.

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General price information

The day licence is valid for all Traun rivers (Altausseer-, Grundlseer-, Koppen- and Ödenseetraun).
One day fly fishing licence for the Traun:
€60 per day
Catch limit: 1 rainbow trout per day (> 32 cm).

Evening fly fishing licence for the Traun:
(valid from 16:00 to sunset)
€ 30 per day
Catch limit: 0 (no fish to be kept)

Season ticket fly fishing for the Traun:

There are a limited number of season tickets for the entire area available on request.

"Steirische Gästekarte" (Styrian guest card if no fishing licence for the province of Styria is available):
€ 3 valid for four weeks from date of issue


For beginners and young people (ages 8 and up): Learn fly fishing on the River Traun from highly skilled and experienced fly fishermen.

Rental equipment for the course is available.

Contact fly fishing course: Rudi Obermeyr, Tel.: +43 664 2721294

Price fly fishing course: €10 per hour


Information Office Bad Aussee
Ischlerstraße 94, 8990 Bad Aussee
Tel.: +43 3622 52323

Information Office Altaussee
Fischerndorf 61, 8992 Altaussee
Tel.: +43 3622 71643

Information Office Grundlsee
Mosern 25, 8993 Grundlsee
Tel.: +43 3622 8666

Gasthof Staud'nwirt
Grundlseerstrasse 21, 8990 Bad Aussee
Tel.: +43 3622 54565

Gasthof Kalßwirt
Sießreithstraße 58, 8990 Bad Aussee
Tel.: +43 3622 55215

Hotel Erzherzog Johann
Kurhausplatz 62, 8990 Bad Aussee
Tel.: +43 3622 52507

Hotel "Die Wasnerin"
Sommersbergseestraße 19, 8990 Bad Aussee
Tel.: +43 3622 52108

Max's at Seewirt
Fishing village 2, 8992 Altausee
Tel.: +43 3622 7136

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Flyfishing on the rivers Traun
Kammerhofgasse 227
8990 Bad Aussee

Phone +43 3622 531 - 18
Fax machine +43 3622 53118577

Contact person
Florian Seiberl
Fliegenfischen Traunflüsse
Kammerhofgasse 227
8990 Bad Aussee

Phone +43 3622 531 - 18
Fax machine +43 3622 53118577

Legal contact information

Fliegenfischen Traunursprung
Florian Seiberl
Kammerhofgasse 227
AT-8990 Bad Aussee

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