Fishing on Lake Altaussee

Altaussee, Steiermark, Österreich
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The Altausseer See: a small lake (214 ha), with drinking quality water, sitting amidst the mountains of the Salzkammergut.

It’s a paradise for shore fishing and trolling for brown trout, char, chub, perch, and burbot.

Licence terms:

  • Sport fishing on the Altausseer See is only allowed with a valid fishing licence. You must have a "Fischerbüchels"  or a "Fischergästekarte des Landes Steiermark" (a Styrian fishing guest card) in order to get a fishing licence
  • Licences are issued by Mrs. Karin Pürcher after payment of the appropriate fee (cash) at the following times:
    Monday to Saturday between 07:00 and 09:00 and between 18:00 and 20:00. Sunday between 07:00 to 10:00.
  • Accompanied children/adolescents (aged up to 16) can only fish from the shore. Any infringements or abuse will void the licence. Each perch they land incurs a surcharge of €0.07 to be paid to the "Fischervereinigung Altaussee" (Altaussee Angler's Association).
  • Fish stock: char, brown trout, perch, chub, burbot, bullhead, and minnows.
  • The fishing licence authorises the holder to fish with troll gear, or fishing rod, with only one line and with a single barbless hook.
  • Legal bait: natural bait, spoon lures, wet and dry flies with barbless hooks. Triple hooks are permitted with spoon lures. Bait fish must be from the Altausseer See, foreign fish must not get in to the lake.
  • All artificial bait is prohibited, especially Wobbler, Twister, Paternoster, spin waves, and all such systems. The use of echo sounders, as well as plucking, dipping and attractants of any type or form is strictly prohibited. Violations will incur immediate and lasting forfeiture of the licence and a fine of €75.
  • 3 large game fish (char over 35 cm and/or trout over 50 cm) may be retained per day. Resale of catch is strictly prohibited. After the day's catch quota has been reached further fishing is restricted to chub and perch.
  • Recreational fishing has to be done ethically. Artificial bait, especially Wobbler, Twister, Paternoster, spin waves, and all systems are prohibited.
  • Undersized game fish (char less than 35cm and trout less than 50 cm) must be gently freed from the hook and immediately returned to the lake. If it is impossible to return an undersized game fish because of excessive injury, it should be killed. Perch should always be killed.
  • The fishing licence only allows fishing on Lake Altaussee - not in the streams or the Traun.
  • The following restricted areas are to be observed:
    Seeklause (weir) between Abschwemmsperre (pontoon) to Seeklausbrücke (weir bridge) all year.
  • Anglers are required to carry their fishing licences at all times. All rules or instructions from the fishermen's association, indicated by the oval plaque of Styria, or authorised representatives must be complied with. A valid licence must be presented on request. Fishing gear used, vehicles, boats, backpacks, and other containers must be available for inspection uninhibited.
  • No fishing is allowed within 50m of the Berufsfischerei fishing gear, marked by floats. Any damage caused must be notified immediately and compensated.
  • Non-compliance or violation of the terms shall, notwithstanding any other administrative or criminal consequences result in a fine of €75 to be paid to the Anglers Association Altaussee. It will also result in the removal and invalidation of the fishing licence, and a permanent ban on fishing for an indefinite period.

Fishing season:
15 June to 31 August.

Fishing times:
15 June to 31 July 06:00 to 21:00
01 to 31 August 07:00 to 20:00

  • Parking space: 50
  • Parking area for disabled: 3
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General price information

Trolling ticket for adults (from 16 years)
Season: €280
Month: €203
Week: €102
Day: €20

Shore/Bank card for young people (14 to 16 years)
Season: €75
Month: €55
Week: €19
Day: €7.50

Bank/Shore card for young people (under 14 years)
Season: €30
Month: €19
Week: €7.50
Day: €3

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Fishing on Lake Altaussee
Fischerndorf 20
8992 Altaussee

Phone +43 3622 71884

Contact person
Karin Pürcher
Fischen im Altausseer See
Fischerndorf 20
8992 Altaussee

Phone +43 3622 71884

Legal contact information

Fischervereinigung Altaussee
Karin Pürcher
AT-8992 Altaussee

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