Summer in paradise

Brilliant blue skies with warming sunlight illuminating the waves dancing with joy atop the shimmering lakes. Dragonflies make their graceful rounds in their bluish-green luminescent attire highlightes by the sun.

Indeed, summers in Ausseerland - Salzkammergut are simply heavenly!

Lake Altausseer See, Lake Grundlsee, Lake Ödensee, Lake Salza Stausee and Lake Steirersee quicken the pulse of guests and locals alike, while offering ample opportunities to cool down and relax. It´s possible to comfortably circumnavigate a few of the lakes on foot or by bicycle, some are excellent for fishing of for taking tours on the "Plätte" boat or solar ship. The view of the mountains mirrored in the crystal clear water is particularly thrilling - a heavenly motif for all photographers and videographers.


The salt mine has been operating for hundreds of years. Anglers catch Saiblinge (Char) from the crystal-clear lake just like their ancestors did. And the guests of today love Altaussee just as much as the first tourists who came to the village well over a hundred years ago.


A bright, gentle landscape, punctuated by picturesque summits, small villages casually scattered along lake shores, and the reddish larch wood of the old houses that shine with a warm and familiar glow.

In between, villas and small castles tell of noble visitors who soon became friends with the locals of Grundlsee. It’s a never-ending pleasure to rediscover this landscape and to follow its changing colours and moods.

Hiking, mountaineering, fishing, ice skating, ice curling, tobogganing, adventure programmes for kids, experiencing living traditions, trying traditional dress, or tasting “Holzknechtnocken” (dumplings) or “Almraungerln” (a sweet dish) are all available to be enjoyed here.

Lake Toplitzsee

... due to its location, and exceptional depth, it has always been the target of speculation and rumour. Following the collapse of the Third Reich the stories were further enriched  - it is said that dozens of boxes were hidden in the lake in the last days of the war.

Natural jewels: Lake Ödensee & Hochmoor

Lake Ödensee is one of the most beautiful natural gems in Bad Mitterndorf. The idyllic forest lake with its surrounding bogs is the centre of a Natura 2000 nature reserve. It offers bathing close to nature and pleasant water temperatures.

Not far from the Ödensee you can hike to another natural spectacle, the so-called "Strummer". These karst springs are barely visible for many months, but, especially during snowmelt, huge amounts of clear water from the Dachstein massif spring from the forest floor. They also produce pure water for the well-known Kainischer Fischzucht, where among other things the famous char are bred.

Outdoor Pool Bad Mitterndorf & Tauplitz

Our outdoor pools in Bad Mitterndorf and Tauplitz have average temperatures around 25 ° C from May to September. There are also children's pools, water slides, a lazy river, and spacious sunbathing areas.

The Salza Reservoir

lies romantically nestled between the foothills of the Grimming and the Kemet mountains. The landscape was formed by glacier movement millions of years ago.

The path along the reservoir is closed.